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  • Anna
    I was diagnosed with hernia of intervertebral disk, in the health center prescribed the old of the cream, that my grandmother was healed. I began to seek methods of eastern medicine and found gel Imosteon. My osteopath approved it, as it is a product that contains only by its properties, the Ginkgo Biloba extract.
  • Antonio
    With 43 years I am suffering from gout. During the acute episodes I can't walk. Before you buy expensive medication (pills), but they were nasty problems with the digestive tract. Then I tried the gel Imosteon. Interestingly, the gel has helped. Not 100%, but is comparable with the tablets, and although no side effects.
  • Rosa
    You have applied the gel for the treatment of degenerative disc disease cervical. Pleasant to the touch, aromatic gel. Do not mark the clothing. I carry with me, I advise you to all the people you know, have problems with the spine.
  • Angela
    Disease of the knees, just not the strength. He decided to ask Imosteon - called, which can be booked on the internet. All asked first, on certification, as a return, if that. I was doubting, since internet is very rarely that I buy it. The merchandise has received even faster than I expected, everything in order, as I take.
  • Francesco
    After the injury at the ski station often hurt the leg. Enjoy the chemistry with all the steroids are not wanted. Looking for a natural remedy. Imosteon I built on the composition and the effect. Before you heard about the Ginkgo, and horse chestnut, but I could not find in the pharmacies. It is advisable that in line to order.
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